How can some companies show prices on their website?

Companies who advertise set prices can do so because they only stock windows in standard sizes with basic accessories. If they fit a window and it leaves a gap, they fill round it with expanding foam so you have very little control over the size, look or the quality of the windows and fitting.

What makes a good window?

A good window should be made bespoke for your home, making it more secure, better insulated and more aesthetically pleasing. It should also have a high energy rating which will help you reduce your energy bills and keep your home warm. A well-built window will also have good solar gain (G value) to capture sun rays and give your home free energy. A thermally efficient window should be double glazed, with low emissivity glass and an insert of non-toxic insulating gas like Argon between the panes. A good window should also be secure, with internal beading, a multi-point locking mechanism and key lockable handles. A window must achieve PAS 24:2012 which is the minimum security standard required for residential properties. A very secure window will also boast ‘Secured by design’ accreditation which is an initiative to reduce crime through design. Read more about what makes a good window here.


Why choose SRN windows?

  • Easy to maintain and keep looking like new
  • Aesthetically pleasing and seamless with the rest of your home
  • Highly secure with multi-point locks and mechanisms to keep your home secure
  • Our double glazing achieves an A+ rating and triple glazing is rated A++ to keep you warm
  • Several style, material and colour choices to choose from
  • Industry leading guarantees as standard

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